We are known for having "hard-to-find" tools in stock.  Among these items are our wide range of automotive and truck specialty tools, including Lisle and OTC brands.  Call us for that "hard-to-find" specialty item!  We'll do our best to help you find it!

A sampling of the specialty tools that we have in stock follows:

  • AC/fuel line disconnect sets
  • Ball hones
  • Bearing splitters
  • Brake bleeder wrenches
  • Brake caliper service sets
  • Brake cylinder hones & stones
  • Brake spring pliers
  • Fan clutch wrenches
  • Harmonic balancer pullers
  • Hub pullers & removers
  • Inspection mirrors
  • Locknut wrenches
  • Magnetic pick-up tools
  • Pitman arm pullers
  • Pullers
  • Pulley pullers
  • Retaining ring pliers
  • Ring compressors
  • Seal drivers
  • Separator tool sets
  • Serpentine belt pullers
  • Slide hammers
  • Strap & chain wrenches